Friday, October 19, 2012

The Cube

We finally got a car--it's a 2004 Nissan Cube with 100,000 kilometers (that's about 60,000 miles--which is a lot for Japan!).

 We're lucky to be here with the Navy--everyone affiliated with the military is exempt from shaken. Shaken is the strict inspection (including emissions testing) that cars have to undergo here every two years. It can cost up to the equivalent of several thousand dollars. The way I understand it, most Japanese would rather sell the car and buy a new one than pay all that money and risk falling the test and having to get something fixed for a bunch more money. So we got a super nice, well-cared for car for a lot less money than we would have paid in the U.S. for something comparable I think.

The Cube is a very popular car in Japan and you'll see a lot driving around, albeit newer models.Actually all the taxis on base are this exact car (color and everything)--we joke that someone will try to flag us down. Personally it reminds me of the toaster from the Kia Soul hamsters commercial. So far, we love it!

Igor and our sweet new ride

Pretty no frills, but it's got power locks and windows so it's fancy compared to my old Chevy Prizm

Swingin' doors

One or both seats can fold--lots of space and headroom for such a small car!

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