Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Household Goods Arrive

Our household goods shipment finally arrived a few days ago. It’s been on a long journey across the ocean from Seattle! First our stuff was packed by movers in Seattle into cardboard boxes over 2 days, then those boxes were crated in a wooden crate, then that was packed into a shipping container and loaded onto a ship. All told, we had about 6,600 lbs. of stuff, which is not very much since we don’t have a lot of furniture. We could have taken up to 18,000 lbs.!

Luckily for us, only a few minor things were broken (that we’ve found so far—still unpacking!) The Japanese movers are very professional and, of course, never wear their shoes in the house. So it was in and out of shoes as they were carrying things in. The movers only took 3.5 hours to unload everything. They will be back to pick up the paper and boxes—how many trees were killed to pack our stuff? There are paper and boxes EVERYWHERE, but we're happy to finally be moving in :)

All of our stuff in its crate

Unpacking the kitchen stuff

Bundling paper for recycling in the backyard

Our living room looks a lot smaller with stuff in it

Our dining room full of boxes
Even MORE boxes

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