Saturday, February 18, 2012

Setagaya Boroichi

We visited the Setagaya neighborhood in Tokyo to take in the Boro-ichi street fair there. It has taken place every Dec. 15-16 and Jan. 15-16 for the last 400+ years. It's named for the rags (boro) that were sold to bind sandals way back when. Now they sell just about everything but the kitchen sink.

For mochi pounding

Masses of green tea

Anyone in the market for a naked baby statue?

Grilled rice snacks

Furry shoes that look like...well, I won't say it ;)

Sturdy teapots

Used obi (kimono sash)

Chopsticks of all kinds

Tiny dried flower arrangements

Kokeshi and other dolls  (we bought the red one)

Used geta (Japanese clog sandals)

Tiny cacti

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