Sunday, November 27, 2011

We're Here!

View from our balcony
We're here! We made it to Yokosuka Wednesday, November 22 after a 10+ hour flight and a 2 hour bus ride to the base. Saya, the woman renting us our apartment, met us and took us there via taxi. We had way too much luggage for the average Japanese cab but luckily they were able to close the trunk with a bungee cord and we didn't have far to go.

Our apartment is in a building of about 175 units. We have a ton of space compared to our condo in Seattle. I think it's about 850-900 sq ft if I had to guess. Pleasant surprise for me! We have two bedrooms, a kitchen, living/dining room, bathroom, W.C., and a tatami room. The tatami room is supposed to be a bedroom (we think), but we are excited to use it as an art room/office.

Now, who wants to visit? :)

Outside of our building

We're right next to Daiei Mall!

Our building is the one in the middle
Front door with shoe closet


Second bedroom
Bathroom/laundry room


W.C. (note "sink" on top of toilet)
Kitchen (no oven or dishwasher!)

Tatami room

Recognize this guy? :)

Living room looking towards kitchen

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