Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mikan Picking

Calendar that tells you the least busy days to pick
On Saturday the weather was looking pretty good so we headed to nearby Tsukuihama Kankonoen Farm to pick mikans (satsumas, a variety of mandarin orange).  From Yokosuka, we took the Keikyu line to Tsukuihama station (15 min. or so), where there was a shuttle bus waiting to take us up the hill to the mikan fields. For 650 yen each (about $8.50), we got to eat as many mikans as we wanted (4 was enough for me!) and fill our green basket. Everyone was picnicking around the mikan trees and throwing their peels on the ground, so we did the same. Then we had to pay per kilo--we got about two kilos (4+ lbs) for 700 yen. So it wasn't cheap, but it was a lot of fun and a very unique experience! Hopefully we'll come back to pick strawberries and maybe dig potatoes there sometime!

From Tsukuihama station to the mikan fields

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