Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Deep Fried Japan

Kushiage/kushikatsu is the deep fried friend of yakitori. We first tried it in Osaka. If you like deep fried food (who doesn't?), you will be in heaven.

Osaka Shinsekai

Must eat lots of cabbage in between

Then a chain called Kushiya Monogatari opened up in our local mall in Yokosuka. They offer fry-it-yourself all you can eat (for 90 min.) kushiage for 1999 yen (that's about $20). Oh, did I mention they also have a salad bar and chocolate fondue dessert bar? Oh yeah. I was too busy eating to take good pictures of that but here are some on another blog. Igor and I managed to eat a respectable 50 sticks but the high school girls next to us put away about 50 sticks EACH.

From the Kushiya Monogatari website
Fried pumpkin, sweet potato, bacon,  cheese, shrimp, salmon, and taiyaki oh my! My favorite were the cheese rolls and Igor liked the salmon.

This would never be allowed in the U.S. Lawsuit!

First you dip it in the batter, then in the crumbs, then fry, then in the sauce!


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