Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday Stroll: Azabu-Jūban

Azabu-Jūban is a small residential neighborhood in Tokyo literally right behind the bustling Roppongi Hills complex. This area has many embassies and therefore many expats - apparently a lot of celebrities live here too. It's decidedly upscale (lots of fancy luxury cars), but still has a "homey," quaint vibe with traditional Japanese shops nestled among the fancy bakeries and cafes. This neighborhood couldn't be farther from the Roppongi nightlife scene yet it's just a short walk away.

Starting the day off with some delicious yuzu shoyu ramen at Afuri

Early blooming sakura

Admiring the blossoms

500 yen pizzas?? We might be back :)

Dogs, dogs everywhere!

Don't know what this restaurant was, but if there's a line, it's gotta be good

High rise condo building next to a temple

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