Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ryokan Orshansky is Open for Business

We've finally gotten all our furniture assembled and set up and we're ready for guests! Make your reservations now ;) Here are some and after shots--what a difference a few months (and a ton of money and furniture) can make!

P.S. Ryokan means "inn" in Japanese

Igor's desk setup is a little better now :)

Our dining room was our bedroom for the first month

Closet/Betta's art room/future baby's room??? ;)


  1. What a cute place! I love how you maximized the space in the Kitchen. Do you have an oven or do you have to use the toaster oven to cook? Also..../future baby's room??? ;) Are you trying to tell us something Betta?

  2. Thanks! We like it:) The kitchen is HUGE compared to most in Japan. Our dining room is really supposed to be a bedroom. I bake in the amazing Breville toaster oven, yes. And no baby...yet. Maybe next year!